Saturday, July 28, 2001

(from DNP Guru)

In my other informative thread about dnp cycling tips (below, Monday July 23) I mentioned that an appropriate diet while on dnp should be isocaloric, meaning same amount of calories from the 3 major macronutrients, protein, carbs, and fat. this is by no means optimum, but is the easiest to remember and follow for beginners.

As you get more advanced with dnp cycles you should switch up this ratio a bit. Either way it won't make a huge difference because it's mostly about the total calorie consumption.

This is what i'm proposing to be the optimal dnp diet:

50% carbs, 35% protein, 15% fat. It's not a misprint, carbs are essential for dnp to work properly. From this point it will get a bit complicated, but read over it a few times and you will get the gist of it. I'll also try to keep it as simple as possible.

When fatty acids are broken down they need to be fed into an energy cycle for a complete break down so that more can be broken down later. the beginning of this cycle is called the citric acid cycle. Fats enter the citric acid cycle as a 2 carbon molecule called acetate and to start off this cycle it needs to bind to another 2 carbon molecule called oxaloacetate. Without enough oxaloacetate this cycle can not procede. With little oxaloacetate this cycle is slowed down, thus fat burning is slowed down. Where does oxaloacetate come from? Several sources, but the main one is from pyruvate, the end product of the first step of glucose (carbohydrate) metabolism. Without enough glucose in the blood, fat burning becomes very inefficient.

This is not to say the more carbs we eat the more pyruvate we can generate, therefor the more fat is burned. We only need adequate levels of pyruvate to supply the citric acid cycle of the necessary starting material for fat to enter, then it will eventually procede to be completely oxidized in the electron transport chain.

Don't worry about eating too many carbs while on dnp because these carbs can not be stored and are immediately used for fuel to try to replenish cellular atp. While keeping the calorie level at maintainance level, it would be most beneficial to eat about 55% calories from carbs, 35% protein and 10% fat (mostly unsaturated). It may be optimal for fat burning to raise the carbs a bit more, but the protein should be high enough so that muscle catabolism is kept at a minimum when dnp creates the huge calorie deficit in the body.

The least effective form of dieting while on a dnp cycle is a fat diet, or ketogenic diet, but the high amounts of fat helps to slow gastric emptying, so you feel more satisfied for a longer period of time. This is one reason why i first recommended the iso caloric diet to beginners who may have trouble controlling their appetite while on dnp.

Friday, July 27, 2001


You have taken all the steps possible to assure maximum muscle growth. You carefully measure protein intake, you take the best "supplements", and bust your ass in the gym, but your gains are still not what they should be...... what went wrong?

Sleep may be the answer. Deep sleep patterns may mean the difference between big anabolic gains and none at all! Both bodily repair and anabolic growth occurs only during quality rest, and when deep sleep patterns become routine. How many of us resist the drowsy call that is time to sleep, everyone at times views sleep as an unwanted intruder into their work, play ,or leisure activities.

How long can a person go without any sleep? Based on small animal studies in which subjects have been exposed to extreme sleep derivation, scientist have estimated that the average human may not live past 10 days without sleep. Not as clear, however, are the exact physiological mechanisms resulting form sleep deprivation that ultimately lead to death. It has been said that hypothalamus, which regulates several of the body's metabolic activities, is not able to control body temperature after being deprived of sleep for many days.

While lack of sleep can have detrimental consequences, adequate sleep provides only positive benefits. In a typical day, a persons waking hours are used trying to meet the many physical and mental demands encountered, as well as replenishing vital nutrients as they are being used up during the day. In the hours remaining–during sleep– the body takes time out to rebuild and recharge, preparing for the day ahead.

Recuperation during sleep is related to a sensitive built in biological clock. Electrical activity measured in the brain during sleep indicates that healthy physiological changes occur in 90 min periods throughout the night, this result in different stages of sleep. The most important stage of sleep for the bodybuilder is the 4th stage or REM sleep this is where dreams and actual muscle paralysis takes place. If. for some reason, muscle paralysis does not occur, the vividness of the dream state will physically draw the dreamer into an active state of sleepwalking or , worse yet, intense physical activity that will further break down exhausted muscle tissues already in need of repair. During undisturbed sleep or slow wave sleep, the plasma growth hormone (HGH) in humans is found to be at its highest levels. If sleep stage process is interrupted, complete repair of soft tissue is impossible due to the resulting decrease or absence of (HGH). This means uninterrupted deep sleep periods of at least 90 min are necessary for complete muscle recovery.

Some tips to ensure enough (REM) sleep:

1. Try and sleep 8-10 hours per night
2. Sleep in a dark quit place (any sound over 60db's will cause the heart to race and adrenaline) making REM impossible
3. Glass of warm milk before bed
4. Natural drugs include Melatonin and Kava
5. Other drugs include GHB and GBL

Thursday, July 26, 2001


Insulin is not a drug to fool around with if you don't know what your doing. It's not like mega dosing ster*ids or smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, which you could get away with for years and years before noticing any negative side effects. Use insulin incorrectly and you could be dead within minutes. Many top bodybuilders have almost gone to the big gym in the sky because they took too much insulin. You've got to give insulin respect or it'll diss you big time.

I personally recommend very small doses but others have their own opinions. The Late Dan Duchaine says that the safe amount of insulin for the majority of people is no more than one international unit (IU) for every 15 pounds of body weight. A 200 pond BB would, therefore, take 13 units of insulin. You want fast acting insulin, so use Humilin R. Anabolics want fast acting insulin, and so use the Humulin R.

Anabolic ster*ids strengthen the action of insulin, which is why so many bodybuilders respond extra well to the stuff. If you take ster*ids when using insulin, you can take less insulin and still get very good results, but you may as well stick with Duchaines guidelines until experience tells otherwise. The Key is t take enough carbohydrates with the insulin, if you don't you could get into alot of trouble.

You will know if you going into insulin shock if you begin to experience symptoms such a your heart racing, sudden sweats and tremors, light headedness, headaches, mental confusion, an inability to think clearly, weakness, loss of coordination, hunger, blurry vision, and anxiety. Your speech may become Impaired and you will feel drunk. If left untreated, you can potentially go into a dead coma.


So whats the proper amount of carbs to take with insulin? Dan suggests 30grams of high glycimic carbo's for every IU of slin. The carbs should be ingested over a four-hour period (which is roughly how long Humulin R stays active in the body). Getting back to our 200 pound Bodybuilder, this means he would ingest 390 grams of carbs during a four hour period after injecting 13 IU's. Roughly 100grm's of carbs an hour. Foods like Gatorade, Rice Cakes, and Glucose Polymers any foods that rate high on the glycimic scale. If you eat the right amount of carbs, the insulin will shuttle larger amounts of glycogen and nutrients like creatine and other amino acids into the muscle cells for accelerated recovery and growth. But remember, you've got to take the right amount of carbs. You'll know if your not, even the slight undertaking could bring on sweats and shakes.

So then, when's the best time to take Insulin? Well, there are two times a day when insulin sensativity is the highest. The first thing in the morning when you wake up. The second is immediately after you workout, (which for the majority is in the evening). This means you can take the insulin twice a day, as long as two four-hour periods don't overlap. This shouldn't be a problem if you inject once in the morning and again in the night. Just remember, that right after injecting, you have to ingest all the carbs over a four-hour period.
I would suggest injecting once a day and see how your body responds.

If your extra caution, as I advise you to be, start with half the amount of insulin suggested by Dan Duchaine. You can then gauge your response and go up or down in the amount injected over the following days.

Also limit your insulin use to one week to 10 days, with a long break (One Month) before the next use. You're trying to take advantage of the insulin, not make your body dependent on slin for LIFE.

Having said all that, I don't think that just because you take insulin as suggested by Dan Duchaine that you'll not run into troubles. By injecting insulin, you could suppress the body's own ability to produce its own in the pancreas. This could cause Diabetes

(part 1 -thanks Squatdemon & BigDawg)

One of the most misunderstood ideals when it comes to Sustanon is how to properly use it in a cycle. There is no wrong way, but there is a best way to administer proper doseages so you can fully benifit from the esters in Sustanon. Sustanon was developed for the primary reason of hormone replacement, and because of the mix of esters most patients only needed one shot a month to keep their hormone levels balanced. Because of this design, the bodybuilder will not recieve proper doseages at once or twice a week injections. Your blood levels will fluctuate up and down continually, which is not what you want while on a cycle. You want stable levels to give your body the best chance it can have to build plenty of muscle. All test is the same, but once only the ester is removed. People that say test is test are wrong unless you are assuming that the ester has already been removed. I have had plenty of different results fromt the different tests I have used, as well as I am sure you have too. The secret to making sus work correctly, is timing the esters so the blood levels do not fluctuate.
I will assume that everyone knows how an ester works and why one is added to the parent testosterone. With sustanon, you have 4 esters:

30mg of prop
60mg of phenylprop
60mg of isocaproate
100mg of deconate
Combined to give you 250mg.

Now everyone knows for themselves how much test they should take due to previous cycles or no cycles at all. Lets take each ester and see how long they will stay active in the body. 30mg of prop--Prop needs to be injected at least every other day to get the full benifits of the test. I think every third day is a little too long to wait, although some people may disagree.

Now lets say you are doing a prop only cycle and injecting 30mg twice a week. You can see already that is a waste of gear. If you inject 30mg of prop twice a week you are totally wasting your time. You will NOT grow off of this, so you can basically take sus and knock it down to 220mg an amp if you are injecting once or twice a week.

60 mg of phenylprop--Phenylprop is not that much different than prop. You can get away with injecting the phenylprop ester every third day. Anyone that has taken nandrolone with a phenylprop ester knows that it is shorter acting and must be injected twice a week (for example, getwoods powder). If injected twice a week, then lets even cushion the amount, you will have all 120 mg in one week. To recap, so far this is what you get the first week---180 mg of test in your system. If you ask me that was a waste of two amps. That is barely enough to supress the axis, and that is about all you will have happen if you inject 180mg of test per week.

Now lets look at the longer acting esters in sus. 60mg of Isocaproate--Isocaproate will give you a duration of about a week before it is let go. This is not bad, but at 60 mg you are still not getting enough test to make it worth the time. 100mg of Deconate--Here is the daddy of the four esters. This is the same ester that is used in Decca-Durabolin. The deconate ester should really average out at 2 weeks, but has been said to last up to 3. This ester was added at a 100mg dose to balance out the quicker acting esters used in sustanon.

If we review one more time, we can see roughly how much test we will have in our body per week when we use sus, and hopefully you can see it is very low. You can pretty much take out the prop and phenylprop until about week 3 or 4, because once the other esters release the test and it gets time to build up in the system, the prop and phenylprop is useless. Not until around week six are you going to get your test levels high enough to do any good, and if you are on a 10 week cycle and start tapering week 8, then your test have been only relatively high for about 2-3 weeks.

Call me crazy, but that is not at all what I want in a cycle. Every test cycle should be started high to hit those receptors hard, and I dont even taper at the end (but that is a different story). The numbers that BIGDAWG and I worked on basically show that your test levels will never at one time be stable for more that a couple of weeks. Why do you think that people say they have less bloat on sus and less sides. There is so little of the short acting test in your system at one time that it is impossible to get any bloat or side effects at all.

Tuesday, July 24, 2001

(part 2)

So you ask, well what is the best way to take sus then?

First I would answer don't buy it. If you really want to use a 4 blend test then buy some of the old omna (not the new ones), they have more shorter acting tests in them and the blood levels will stay more equal. If you dont believe me, ask anyone that has used the old omna and they will tell you they got quite a bit of bloat from it. Reason being is the shorter acting esters in the omna build up your blood levels quicker, hence you have the bloat factor.

If someone doesnt like my first answer, then I will give them a second, "inject the sus everyday or at the least every other day." I usually get the "wholly @#%$, thats crazy!!!" answer. I usually tell them back, no its not crazy, its science. The actual science of sus combined with a bodybuilders needs equal injecting every day.

People seem to forget about the esters and think they are injecting all of 1750mg each week and getting every mg of it. Trust me folks, I am not talking about injecting 7 amps a week for 10 weeks, I am suggesting injecting an amp a day for 3 weeks, and letting the esters do thier work after that.

When you crunch the numbers, for the first two weeks you are really only getting the prop, phenylprop, and a little of the isocaproate. Maybe about 700-750 mg for the first two weeks, and for weeks after that when all of the isocaproate and deconate kick in you will stay aroung 600-800mg for weeks following the first couple. You have a perfect taper, if you are into that, and stable test levels. If you go to eod, it will vary a bit, but not enough to really make too much of a difference. Start off the cycle with 5 weeks of dbol while using the sus, and when you are done with the sustanon, then immediately start injecting two anabolics like eq and decca, or decca and primo/winny. This is a cycle that a lot of the pros are using called front end loading with an anabolic taper.

I guinea pigged this idea when BIGDAWG and I were discussing it many months back, and damn it was a really good cycle. Not as good as 1000mg of aratest a week, but still a pretty good cycle. I have cycled sus/omna both ways, and trained relatively the same with the same kind of diet. The difference in the two cycles were like night and day, about a 15-17 pound difference, and two amps of omna a week was my first cycle too. You know, the one you are supposed to grow the most off of because of the virgin receptors.

So test may be test, but you will not get the same results from every ester out there if you dont know how to time them. If you are thinking of a sus/omna cycle, give this a try. I promise you will not be disappointed, and you just may thank me and DAWG later......peace.

Monday, July 23, 2001

Author: DNP guru (
Subject: Clenbuterol: Muscle Catabolism. READ!!

clen at high doses can be catabolic to muscle. yes, catabolic. this is due to clen's ability to increase the calcium ion channel permeability in the sarcoplasm. what does increased calcium ion channel permeability mean to you in terms of muscle catabolism? in a nutshell, it causes leakage of calpains and proteases into the muscle to break down muscle tissue. this obviously is not good.

clen is a good anabolic because of certain adrenal cortex stimulations, but this is counteracted by the release of proteases and calpains into the muscle, thus giving clen a limited anabolic effect, generally confined to the first 3-4 days of use. after that, most of its effect is on fat catabolism.

there are drugs you can take to block the release of calpains directly and also block the calcium ion channel's leakage. such blockers are amrinone and dantrolene and trental. blocking calcium ion channels can lead to extreme lethargy though and is best saved for night time use because it will help put you to sleep. a combination of calcium ion channel blockers and clen can be a powerful anabolic.

one more wrinkle to add is ketotifen which upregulates the beta 2 receptors that clen binds to. ketotifen makes these receptors so sensitive that they will NEVER downregulate while on a clen cycle as long as you are taking ketotifen. this allows for continuous doses of clen without having to cycle off to regenerate the receptors. also, ketotifen additions allows you to use less clen to get the same fat loss benefits. less clen = less side effects and also less calcium channel leakage.

DNP Cycling Tips
(another one from DNP guru)

first, DNP is the most effective way to lose fat chemically, but it will kill you if you're not careful. this is an informative thread for cycle tips. if you don't know much about DNP please do a yahoo search on the subject to get some background information.

with summer coming there has been a great interest in DNP cycles. i have had more DNP cycles under my belt than i'd like to admit and i will try to share with you what i've learned to have been helpful when using DNP to maximize fat loss.
these are numbered randomly and not in order of importance.

1. carb deplete for 3 days prior to DNP because DNP will take a good 2-3 days to deplete the body's glycogen stores before it can efficiently burn stored fat.

2. once on DNP eat an isometric diet (33% prot, 33% fat, 33% carbs). isometric by calories not by weight. restricting carbs will put the body in a state of hypoglycemia and can be dangerous to the health and also the mental well being. DNP also mimics insulin in that it shuttles glucose into the cells in the absence of glucose. this is great for fat burning, but when carb intake is too low the blood glucose can be at dangerously low levels as well.

3. wear gloves when handling the caps and the container the caps come in.

4. t4 to t3 conversion in the liver will slow starting around day 4/5 assuming the dose is adequately high to cause enough temperature rise. supplementing 25mcg of t3 is essential. this just brings the t3 level in the body back to normal and maybe slightly above baseline. however, not supplementing t3 seems to give DNP a slight anabolic effect. the depressed t3 levels is very muscle sparing.

5. keep cool! this is very important for your well being and state of mind during a DNP cycle. sleep alone if at all possible. keep the guest bedroom (your new room) cold and get a FAN. do not underestimate the importance of the fan. a 55 degree bedroom plus a high powered fan should be sufficient for keeping you comfortable at night when you sleep. without the fan you might have to sleep in your walk-in freezer.

6. hydration. drink and drink often. don't plan any long road trips while taking dnp...

7. supplements. antioxidants: E, C, glutathione, selenium, and anything else you can think of. take about 2x as much as normal. 1 tablespoon of glycerol 3x/day will help with energy and carb cravings. 1 tbsp of potassium citrate .5 hours before each cap will help with acidity caused by dnp and help with workouts. it also helps people who get nauseated from dnp caps. ECA: i don't like using stimulants, but many people who use this say it helps them curb their appetite and carb cravings. melatonin or GHB for sleep especially the first 3 nights when there seems to be slight CNS stimulation and combined with the heat sleep can be difficult for some people.

8. front loading: this is only recommended for experienced users who are familiar with the dosing of the caps from their source. front loading provides a kick start to get the DNP up to speed in the body because it takes a while for DNP levels to build up in the body. i find this to be very very effective. new users should never try this

9. the cycle: i recommend 3-4 back to back cycles of 8 days on and 7 days off starting 25mcg t3 at day 4/5 of the first cycle and carrying it through till 4/5 days after the last cap of the last cycle. with the same supplier i have seen the best results from myself and many others at a consistent dose of 6-7mg/kg-bw. for practical reasons some people can not be hot and sweaty all day long and especially with summer weather coming up it's going to be very uncomfortable at this dose. for this reason a long extended lower dose cycle can be considered. i have noticed some good results with this as well. no noticeable sides and steady losses.

there can be a huge difference between 400mg and 600mg, or b/w 600 and 800. since most of the caps you buy will only come in 200mg caps this presents a problem if you want to take something in between such as 500mg or 700mg without having to break up the caps which will be very messy and inconvenient. here's what i suggest:

200mg/day: 1 cap/24 hours
300mg/day: 1 cap/18 hours
400mg/day: 1 cap/12 hours
500mg/day: 1 cap/10 hours
600mg/day: 1 cap/8 hours
700mg/day: 1 cap/7 hours
800mg/day: 1 cap/6 hours

this is assuming you have 200mg caps. at the high doses the hours separate only by 1 hour, even less if you go above 800mg/day. this doesn't sound like a lot, but it makes a huge difference, especially over a period of 7-8 days.
spreading out the dosing helps to reduce the intensity of the sides at any given moment because the peak heat production is about 1.5-6 hours after ingestion of the cap. this also helps to stop or cutail dosing in case a certain dose becomes too severe in terms of either heat or allergies.

Sunday, July 22, 2001

Thanks to DNP guru for this one ...

There is a common belief that these receptors downgrade from AS use, thus needing time off from the cycle to recover them before starting another cycle. time one = time off.

the androgen receptors (AR) do not down regulate. actually they UP regulate with increased AS use. the myth of receptor downregulation might come from the fact that beta 2 receptors for clenbuterol downregulates with increased clen use. the AR, unlike the beta receptors, are inside the cell withing a coding region of the DNA, and has either 2 modes: on/off. when an AR agonist binds to it it turns on and stimulates protien synthesis by mRNA transcription. the difference is how long each agonist likes to stay on. increased use of AS does not cause changes in binding affinity of the AR. the more muscle mass you have the more AR you will have in your body, hence making AS more effective. this is a big reason why kids should wait to start their first cycle until a good base has been established, so they can be more responsive to AS without as much sides. this also means that with increased use of AS, there will be more AR, so increased AS use will in a way upregulate AR. this also means that drugs that compete for AR binding with your AS does not lessen the AS anabolic effects through the receptor, but rather through non-AR mediated mechanisms unless the drug binds to the AR to deactivate it. proviron binds to the AR and has week anabolic properties by itself, but is thought to decrease the effectiveness of the AS due to competitive binding, but this interference is more likely from a non-AR mediated mechanism.

the reason the first cycle tends to be more effective for some people is because they are farther away from their genetic potential. for example, if a person is already 30 pounds over his genetic potential, he may need (hypothetical) 1500mg of T/wk just to maintain his mass above this natural barrier. but if a beginner were to take 1200mg/wk of T for his first cycle he would likely achieve massive gains even though he has less AR than someone 2x his size.

the reason to take time off between cycles is to allow the endocrine (hypothalamus and pituitary) to get back to normal after having been shut down from an overload of exogenous androgens. this process takes weeks and perhaps months to return to normal and is only helped by clomid and possibly tribulus. without time off from cycles a person risks permanent shut down or depressed hpta function.

eca, grapfruit, dnp, all cause heavy water intake and excretion, hence the notion of possibly flushing the body and maybe flushing the AR along with it, but all myth.